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Awareness Through Movement

Awareness through movement are lessons to learn about how you feel in your body as you move, and how the act of becoming aware or bringing awareness to movements changes the how you feel. 

Thank you Alan Questel for your wonderful lessons. check out his website at

this months lesson. the challenge of pleasure, the pleasure of challenge.

Lastly, thank you Feldenkrais for developing these lessons and sharing them with your students who in turn share them with me. 

Thomas Klie-Cribb, RMT

New Studio Space... I Kalari!

Many thanks to Gita Kolanad for offering me this beautiful space to use for practicing massage therapy! The studio, I Kalari, is at 196 Dovercourt just north of Argyle. Enter through a green metal gate. Walk through a jungly garden and down to the right of an old white house. The studio is at the end of the pathway. The door opens onto a tiny waiting area. I will endevour to ensure you never need to spend much time there, although there is a bathroom for your convenience. Please remove your shoes before entering the studio. The floor can be cold; please walk on the carpet. Enjoy the large floorspace, the full length windows and the view of the garden before we close the curtains and begin our work.